Sculpture "The Legend of the Perm Bear"

The bear is a symbol of the Perm Territory, but this is not the only reason why the sculpture appeared in the center of the regional capital. The idea of the monument's appearance is connected with the idea of foreigners that "bears must definitely walk along the streets of the Ural cities." This beast is depicted on the coats of arms of the Perm Territory, the Komi-Permyatsky District and the city of Perm. A bronze bear weighing one ton arrived from Yekaterinburg in 2009 on June 11, the day before the celebration of the city of Perm, and settled at the Ural Hotel.

Monument "Permyak - salty ears"

the most famous landmark of Perm. Genre urban sculpture consists of two parts - the figure of a photographer and a round frame with large ears located not far from it. It is in this frame that you need to substitute your face and take a picture, of course, with a real camera. It is not surprising that this sculptural composition is most often found on magnets and postcards dedicated to the city.

Perm Academic Theater-Theater

The theater building, located on the Esplanade, is an architectural monument. Theater-Theater is a multiple winner of prestigious theatrical awards, including the Golden Mask. The repertoire includes dramatic performances, modern experimental productions, grandiose musicals, rock dramas and wonderful children's performances. In 2009, the theater opened the Stage-Hammer chamber platform - a space for the realization of the ideas of directors and artists, musicians and producers, for creative cooperation, discussions and development. The big stage has undergone a grandiose transformation - now it is a unique stage space with fantastic mechanics, which has no analogues in Russia.

Merchant Gribushin's House

The mansion was built in 1895-1897 according to the project of the architect A.B. Turchevich in the style of picturesque Art Nouveau. At the beginning of the XX century. the house is being rebuilt for the new owner S.M. Gribushin. The facade and front halls are decorated with stucco decorative elements - floral ornaments and women's mascarons. The women's faces on the facades are copied from a photo from the Gribushin family album. The mansion gained particular fame thanks to Boris Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago": It is believed that this is the "House with Figures". The building houses the Perm Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Perm art gallery

This is the first art museum in the Urals. The result of almost a century of collecting and research work has become unique museum collections of Russian, European and Oriental art from antiquity to the 21st century, from classics to postmodernism. Unique exhibits of the gallery, which are cultural brands of the Perm region - Perm wooden sculpture, Stroganov icon painting and gold embroidery.

Sculptural composition "Kama River"

The sculptural composition, made in natural material - stone and metal, has become a worthy decoration of the city. Installed on the eve of the day of the city opposite the hotel Ural, "Kama-reka" conveys the greatness and power of the ancient history of the conquest of the Urals.

Museum of Local Lore

On the high (right) bank of the Kama there is a beautiful old mansion. The building was purchased by N. V. Meshkov (1851-1933), a major Perm businessman and paratrooper, a well-known benefactor, and rebuilt according to the design of architect A. B. Turchevich. Since 2007, the Meshkov House has become the main building of the Perm Museum of Local Lore. Here you can see a collection of the Permian animal style, Old Believer icons of the 13th century, rare early printed books and much more. Among the items exhibited in the museum, there is a rare artifact - a staff that belonged to Stefan of Perm - the first bishop and educator of the Perm lands, the creator of the ancient Perm alphabet.

Memorial house-museum of S. P. Diaghilev

The mansion on Sibirskaya was built in the 1850s according to the design of the architect R. I. Karvovsky. The house belonged to the Diaghilev family - Sergei Diaghilev, the future organizer of the "Russian Seasons" in Paris and tours of the Russian ballet around the world, spent his gymnasium years here. The Diaghilev House was the musical and educational center of Perm. Currently, the building houses the S. P. Diaghilev Gymnasium, the Diaghilev House cultural charity fund, dedicated to the life and work of the entrepreneur, operates.

Trading house of the Izhboldins

Izhboldin's store is one of the most beautiful surviving Art Nouveau buildings in the center of Perm. The first floor of the building with huge windows was occupied by a store, the second - living rooms of a merchant family, the attic was reserved for servants. The merchant D. G. Izhboldin was known throughout Russia, owned stores in almost all major cities, and was also married to the sister of the artist I. I. Shishkin. The poet Boris Pasternak visited Izhboldin's shop more than once, buying gifts for family members. Today it houses the Regional Center for Art Education "Rostok".